Haven’t used Netflix in a while? Your subscription could get canceled

Have you ignored your Netflix account

Have you ignored your Netflix account since the first season of “House of Cards”? Well, you might want to stream something soon, or you could lose your subscription.

Netflix (NFLX) will start asking its inactive users if they want to keep their membership. If they don’t want it, or if they don’t respond, the company will automatically cancel their service, Netflix said on Thursday.

“You know that sinking feeling when you realize you signed up for something but haven’t used it in ages?” Eddy Wu, Netflix’s director of product innovation, said in a statement. “At Netflix, the last thing we want is people paying for something they’re not using.”

The company will be reaching out to everyone who has not watched “anything on Netflix for a year since they joined,” Wu said. The company will do the same for anyone who has stopped watching for more than two years.

Netflix added it will start sending out emails or in app notifications this week.


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